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Daily work (by Astrology.com)
Even the people around you who are usually dependable and straightforward may have unspoken agendas now — and you should really watch out for the ones who are usually difficult to assess. – Horoscopes by EmailCo-Worker CompatibilityYahoo! Astrology home

Monthly career (by Astrology.com)
On the 1st of the month, you’re going for it at work. You’re getting what you want in your career. You’re all over it in general. You’re on top of it — as a rule. And no one can put one over on you. That’s for sure. It must feel good to be so good. What, you say? It sure does? Great. On the 4th and 5th, why not take all of this great energy and use it to do something new at work. Start a holiday fund for the needy. Stop letting the ink run dry in your copy machine. Start having office-wide soup kitchen volunteer Sundays. Stop putting up with second-rate health coverage. By the 11th and 12th, you’re ready to say no to a boss or coworker who keeps asking you to take up their slack. On the 16th and 17th, relax and regenerate — it’s the weekend! On the 21st, it’s time to review where you are careerwise. Is it exactly where you want to be, or not quite? What can you do about it? Take the 25th and 26th as days off if you can — doing so could help you understand somebody’s work-related temper tantrum better. On the 30th, go into work if you need to (there’s bound to be a pretty terrific surprise awaiting you there!). On the 31st, sit yourself down and make a list of everything you want in 2007. – Horoscopes by EmailCo-Worker CompatibilityYahoo! Astrology home
Daily couples love (by Astrology.com)
Play it safe and try not to rile up your sweetie any more than you really need to. There’s some serious business going on under the surface that needs to resolve itself first. – Horoscopes by EmailRomantic CompatibilityDating Do’s and Don’ts

Weekly romance (by Astrology.com)
Beware of any especially glittery gifts in the realm of romance as the week begins — you want the real deal, not something meant to impress. Look deeper, and insist that other pertinent parties do the same. Around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, your calm, patience and awareness are rewarded with tidings of comfort and joy — and a shift in perspective that shines a new light in your heart. A discussion with a certain someone could end up very warm and cozy, indeed. Then you might anticipate something erratic or odd this weekend; meet it with aplomb, and you’ll be sitting pretty. – Horoscopes by EmailRomantic CompatibilityDating Do’s and Don’ts

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